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Her Last Kiss EverEdit

by Girlyjojo988

Summary: Kim and Jack are about to be killed and what will they do before their DEATH!!!!

Kim's POV

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I'm about to be killed by a phyco killer who kills people with a ukulele! Sometimes he kill them by riding a skateboard!!! Crazy right!? That's why we call him the "Phyco" Killer!!! Right now Jack and I are trying to protect the lands rom the killer. We made a sacrafice if we have a possibility of being killed. The other guys were wimps of fighting. "Jack!!!!" I said in fear when he almost got killed by the ukulele. I ran to Jack as I tried to save him. But unfortunately that wasn't my best idea. The Killer was about to kill us but before he killed us I grabbed Jack and kissed him. He kissed back as if he never had kissed a girl before. Then as soon as you know, we are dead.

Short story. First thing that pooped in my head! Bye! Add other stories!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack's One-ShotEdit

by Girlyjojo988

Summary: This is a one-shot!!! This is my story from so cheak it out! The title is a link so click it and you will go straight to it!!! PS click the title then it will go to the story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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