kick momentsEdit

Wasabi WarriorsEdit

  • Jack caught Kim's apple when she dropped it.
  • Kim gave a flirty smile to Jack when they met.
  • Jack winked/smiled/waved at Kim when Jack was on the table.
  • Kim asked Jack to talk alone.
  • Kim showed off when she roke the board in the BlackDragons Dojo.
  • Jack asked Kim if she had a crush on him. She said, "Eww! No!" But she lied!!! She has a crush on her!
  • Kim quit the BlackDragons because she cared about Jack when Frank kicked Jack's knee.
  • Kim joined the Bobby Wasabi Dojo for Jack.

Hit the Road JackEdit

  • Kim yelled that Jack was the best.
  • Kim and Jack hugged when Jack won in victory.
  • Kim lied when Joan said she didnt like Jack.
  • When Kim realized Jack was leaving, she was going to miss Jack.
  • Kim explained her feeling to Joan about Jack.
  • Kim tried to explain her feelings to Jack.
  • Kim gave a letter to Jack to explain her feelings. But he didn't read becasue he was going to stay.

Wazombie WarriorsEdit

  • Jack asked Kim out to the movies.
  • Kim was jealous when Lindsay was on a date with Jack.
  • Jack was upset he didn't go with Kim.
  • In Kim's dream, Jack saved Kim.
  • Kim was jealous of Lindsay.
  • Kim saved Jack.
  • Kim said to Jack, "You belong with me" a bunch of times.
  • Jack used Kim as a save of not being with Lindsay.
  • When Jack asked Kim how she liked the movie she said that she liked the ending because Kim's dream ended a little romantic.